Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps Manufactured for a wide range of sanitary applications within the food, Dairy, beverage, bio-Pharma and personal care industries. Our Product are developed not only to meet your exacting demands for safety, reliability, efficiency and hygiene, but also to ensure the careful handling of your product.

The enlarged inlets combined with an advanced impeller Design result in unobstructed product flow and very low NPSH requirements. Designed for Either CIP (clean in place) Or manual cleaning, these quite pumps are available with Capacities of up to 440m3/h and pressure up to 190 m (19 bars).

All product contact parts are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Polished models are USDA approved and exceed 3A standards, So you can be sure you have got the most hygienic, Centrifugal pump possible.


The Valfit Make pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal Pump, which meets the requirements of sanitary and gentle Product treatment and chemical resistance.

Standard Design:
The Valfit pump consist of a standard motor, stub shaft, adapter, back plate, Impeller, pump casting and shaft seal.
The VALFIT pump is design for CIP The sanitary version of pump has a stainless steel Cover for protection of a motor, and the complete unit is supported on four adjustable legs.

Shaft Seals:
The VALFIT pump is equipped with either an external single or a Flushed shaft seal. Both have sanitary seal ring in acid-resistance Steel AISI 329 with sealing surface in Tungsten carbide and rotating Seal ring in Tungsten Carbide. The secondary seal of the flushed seal is a long lasting lip seal. The pump may also be equipped with a Double mechanical shaft.

Product wetted steel parts : Acid-resistance steel AISI 316L
Other steel parts : Stainless steel AISI 304.
Finish : Semi Bright.
Product wetted seals : Silicon.


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