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Fabrication refers to building metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling. The end products of other common types of metalworking, such as machining, metal stamping, forging, and casting, may be similar in shape and function, but those processes are not classified as fabrication.

We offer reliable and quality sheet metal fabrication. We cover many types of work

Spray Ball

The Valfit make spray balls come in two versions. This is a fixed spray ball used for cleaning storage tanks in the food and beverages industries.
The rotary spray ball is used for cleaning tanks, vessels and other containers; its sanitary design makes it suitable in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The rotary spray ball is self cleaning and its double bearing support makes it suitable for installation in all angles. For cleaning difficult areas in a tank, the spray ball comes in a high performance version.

Technical data:
Working pressure :100-300 kPa (1-3 bars).
Recommended pressure : 50-200 kPa (1.5-2 bars).
Max. Working temperature :95C.
Max. Ambient Temperature (not rating) :160



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