Tri Clover Biopharm

The Biopharm range also features Tri-clover Biopharm. These products are available . The outside surface of both is Ra=0.8. The inside surface is mechanically polished with a Ra=0.5 finish; the electro-polished inside surface finish is
Ra =0.4.

Common features & benefit of the high clean and Biopharm product lines are:

Available in dimension DIN, ISO 1127 and ASME BPE 1997 standard.
Prepared for orbital welding.
All ends protected by end-caps on delivery, to ensure perfect
Edges for welding.
Individually packed.
Delivered with traceability (High clean on request), 3.1.b. certificate according to EN 10204 and ASTM A 450.

Bends, Tees & Reducers

Valfit constantly on producing installation material with long durability, problem-free welding and assembly, and highest possible strength. Key criteria in the manufacturing process include tight tolerance, a verity of finishes and uniform wall thickness.

Valfit is aware of the constantly increasing demands placed upon the quality of welding. In accordance with these demands, all our reducers meet the highest of standards.
The reducer have cylindrical welding ends and are available for all tube combination, ensure that you will always get the right diameter and wall thickness for your process.

Valfit ensures that all the angles are exact and that all the tube, bend and tee connections are uniform. It is very important that our costumer do not have to compensate for any welding irregularities.
In order to ensure that you are able to select a finish that exactly matches your process, Alfa Laval offers a wide range of finishes, including matt, raw, bright and polished.

Internal surface are also produced to meet the strictest of any application process demand.

Unions, Clamp Fittings & Flange

High Clean & Sanitary Fittings

Unions, Clamp Fittings & Flange High Clean & Sanitary Fittings


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