Reverse Osmosis System

Pure Water Distribution System

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process of water treatment in which water is forced through a membrane which has tiny holes known as "pores". Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away.


It includes S. S. Pipe Fittings and Pipeline Erection, S. S.  Filter Housing , Centrifugal Pumps, UV Water Sterilizer, Sampling Valve, Zero Dead Leg Loop Valve


Demineralized Water System


Demineralised water is water completely free of dissolved minerals The amount of dissolved solids in water that has followed one of these processes could be as low as 1 mg/l and is in any case always less than 10 mg/l.

It includes the followings Valfit line of high quality Valves.Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve Needle Valve, Plug valve, Flush Bottom Valve ,Flow Diversion Valve, Online sampling Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Non Return Valve

 Multi Column Distillation Plant Fittings
Pure Steam Generator Fabrication



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